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“I loved spending time in a study that was about discovering God
straight from His Word. I wasn’t trying to cram information, I was
allowing Scripture to transform me.”

– Audrey H.


Curated Scripture

Sola Journals contain curated Scripture on a given topic, along with space to write, doodle, or express yourself on a journey through the tapestry of God’s Word.

Discover for Yourself

These topic-driven guides
through Scripture invite you to study at your own pace for personal journaling, or as a tool for a mentoring relationship.

The Sola Collection



What you believe about grace shapes the way you think about God, the Bible and others. So what if your picture of grace was incomplete?



Peace, or shalom, is what marked God’s perfect creation before sin entered the world. How do we return, and experience peace in our lives today?



God uses water throughout the Bible to show who he is. What if you've been missing the significance of the meaning of water as you read your Bible?

Water Chapter 1 Sample

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Honest Reflection

Sola studies aren’t focused on finding the “right” answers. They allow room for struggle, doubt, and genuine questions. A Sola Journal is a safe place to explore and express your honest response to Scripture.

A Time of Rest

Time with a Sola Journal is time with God through his Word. Rather than feeling pressure to complete an assignment, Sola provides an opportunity to listen, to process, and to seek comfort and renewal.



“For study of the Scripture, there is no greater authority than Scripture itself. I love that this study is between God and me without any extra commentary.”

– Josh S.