Grace - $19.99

Grace is a concept woven throughout the entire Bible. What you believe about grace shapes the way you think about God, the Bible and others. So what if your picture of grace was incomplete?


Peace - $19.99

Feeling the weight of anxiety or fear of the unknowns in life? Longing for peace in your life? Peace, or shalom, is what marked God’s perfect creation before sin entered the world. So how do we return and experience peace in our lives today?


Water - $19.99

Water is and always has been essential for life. Throughout the Bible, God uses water specifically to show who he is. What if you have been missing the significance of the meaning of water as you read your Bible?


The Complete Set - $59.97 $53.97

With this complete set you will be able to discover three significant themes throughout God’s Word. Diving deeper into the connections of God’s Word throughout multiple different journals will give you a deeper understanding of God, which should produce a more consistent enjoyment of time with Him. This set is a great gift for someone wanting to grow in their appreciation of God’s Word at their own pace. Discover the tapestry of God’s Word with the Complete Set from Sola Journals.