Why Sola?


Imagine a large tapestry. How are these functional and beautiful pieces of art made? Thread by thread, over time, forming unique patterns that eventually create the completed tapestry. Individual threads make up the patterns that leave us with a beautiful piece of art.

Sola Journals are simply the guide to help you enjoy the tapestry of God’s Word. The Bible is a beautiful, historical piece of literature that is absolutely true - it is God’s own words for the good of his people. We need it to know him, yet it can often be intimidating to read through. How can we discover the patterns in order to enjoy it?

This is where Sola comes in - Sola allows you to discover God’s voice: thread by thread, verse by verse. Our team organizes and curates scripture in an intentional, measured way so that you can discover these patterns. Sola adds no commentary or explanation - solely Scripture. In addition, Sola provides a beautifully crafted journaling experience with ample space to journal about what you’re learning. Both journaling lines and blank space are placed on each page for your reflection and response.

Using Sola

Each journal is focused on a topic or concept found in the Bible. Our team intentionally shapes the journal, curating verses in a particular order to help you discover the patterns. You simply read, reflect, and respond in the journaling lines or blank spaces on the pages.

Every journal gives you space to process and respond in different formats: writing, calligraphy, and art. This is your space to respond with an expression of your own.

Sola Journals can be used any way you like: personal study and growth, mentoring relationships, or any other pursuit that involves topical reflection of Scripture.


Grace - $19.99

Grace is a concept woven throughout the entire Bible. What you believe about grace shapes the way you think about God, the Bible and others. So what if your picture of grace was incomplete?


Peace - $19.99

Feeling the weight of anxiety or fear of the unknowns in life? Longing for peace in your life? Peace, or shalom, is what marked God’s perfect creation before sin entered the world. So how do we return and experience peace in our lives today?


Water - $19.99

Water is and always has been essential for life. Throughout the Bible, God uses water specifically to show who he is. What if you have been missing the significance of the meaning of water as you read your Bible?